CPC Devotional

For the time being, we are hindered from gathering together due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we remain one body. The aim of this space is to remind you to keep looking to Jesus; and in remembering him as our Head, we know that we collectively belong to him as well as one to another. Over the course of this crisis, we will provide short reflections and devotions from Scripture, prayers, and wisdom to help you navigate these trying times.

As followers of Christ, we are to look for the beauty of Jesus’s story in our lives and circumstances: the way he will redeem the hard things, rescue the lost things, and restore the broken things.... Keep Reading

The future we can know

May 25, 2020 | by: Brandon Flynn | 1 Comments

Though the future is unpredictable in this life, we can rest assured that God guarantees us a future beyond what we could hope or imagine in the life to come. ... Keep Reading


May 22, 2020 | by: Larry Lorimor | 1 Comments

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, let us trust in God’s providence as we humble ourselves, pray, and seek his face.... Keep Reading

Talking to ourselves

May 20, 2020 | by: CPC Session | 1 Comments

No matter what season of life we are in, there comes a point where we have to stop listening and talking to ourselves and begin listening and talking to God.... Keep Reading

How high are the heavens?

May 18, 2020 | by: Lane Joffrion | 3 Comments

When considering the vastness of the universe, we are reminded that cannot fully comprehend our infinite God in all his glory. Yet he loves us as much as the heavens are high.... Keep Reading

Improve yourselves now truly

May 15, 2020 | by: Shawn Horrall | 3 Comments

One day, the weeping that has been part of the COVID-19 pandemic will turn into tears of joy. When that time comes, let us be changed by the Spirit at work in us to shine as never before.... Keep Reading

We’re living in changing times, and that can make us feel vulnerable to trouble. But despite what our eyes see, one thing is constant: we are surrounded by God’s protection and presence.... Keep Reading

Our dwelling place

May 11, 2020 | by: CPC Session | 1 Comments

In Psalm 90, Moses pleads with a million desert nomads who desperately want a piece of land to call their home to realize that they have a home, and it’s not a place, but a person. What are you seeking to be your dwelling place here on earth?... Keep Reading

Standing in the presence of God

May 8, 2020 | by: Larry Stewart | 2 Comments

In the Gospel of John, Jesus takes the name “I AM” from the Old Testament to the New, in simple but profound symbols that enable us to understand God. Just as Moses stood before God’s presence in the burning bush, we stand in the presence of both the full humanity of Jesus and the full deity of Jesus.... Keep Reading

God has given us ready access to his help. We need only open our mouths to call his name.... Keep Reading

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