Sunday School

  • Every Sunday until November 20, 2022 | 9:15am – 10:15am
Sunday School classes offered this fall from 9/11 through 11/20, 915a:
Nursery - God’s Family – Beginning the line of promise (Adam through Joseph) with God-centered age appropriate crafts, worship songs, and other activities.
Preschool - God Leads His People – Exodus
Elementary - God’s Grace in the Law – Exodus/ Ten Commandments
Youth- We will continue to develop tools and concepts to better understand the Bible. We will then use those skills to see what God is telling us through the epistle to the Philippians. 
Adults  - CPC will offer two adult Sunday School opportunities this fall:
1) The Story of the Old Testament taught by Brandon Flynn will meet in the Library. 2) Biblical Parenting: Caring for your Child's Heart taught by Larry and Kathy Lorimor will meet in the Music room across the hall from the Worship area. 
It is important for God's people to be immersed in His word repeatedly and often. This regular exposure places God's word in our minds and hearts ready for the Holy Spirit to teach and convict us. Please join the class of your choice.