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March 28, 2020

Dear CPC Family,

We pray everyone has fared well in their social distancing this week. We have spoken to many of you about the challenges this time brings and feel them ourselves. Regardless, our spirits remain lifted by the knowledge that God is in control.

We are making progress on Sunday worship. We will continue to optimize our capabilities technically, and we're blessed that we have the tools to enable us to communicate and carry out ministry during this time. We are looking at more ways to improved our experience with respect to Sunday worship. We are also publishing devotions, which we will be sending to you regularly, and we encourage you to participate in these with your family. 

Once more, please reach out to a member of the Session or diaconate if you have any needs or wish to connect. We also thank you for your support, comments, and encouragement!

Isaiah 26:3  -  You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.  

As we approach the sabbath tomorrow, here is a helpful guide to your worship service at home:

1.    Technical Advice

  • Every Saturday, CPC’s newsletter will have a link to the online worship bulletin. Within the bulletin, you will find all the links you need to find the media for Sunday’s worship service. This information is also available through our website.
  • Clicking on media links can take you away from the worship bulletin that you need to follow along; it may help to have a second device ready to play the media or to print the bulletin out so you have it in front of you.
  • Though CPC cannot eliminate the ads that occur at the beginning of videos, for the most part, you can skip the ads after 5 seconds. Consider muting or reducing the volume until you see the video load.

2.    Worship Preparation

  • Approach: We encourage you to approach this worship service with all the solemnity and reverence God deserves when he gathers his people. Though you are at home, God is present, so consider ways you and your family can practice honoring him in your conduct, attire, and preparation. This includes having a set time to worship and freeing yourselves of unnecessary distractions.
  • Plan: Preview the bulletin, and if possible, plan out who will participate in the service and for which parts.
  • Sing! It may feel strange to sing in your living room, and it is tempting to simply listen to the recordings or just read the lyrics, but singing aloud together is an essential part of how God has instructed us to worship.
  • Notes: Prepare to take sermon notes. You may find being at home at a table with fewer distractions is a good environment for taking notes. 

Peace in Christ,
CPC Session 


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