Confession of Sin

Why do we have a confession of sin?

As followers of Christ, we are totally forgiven for all of our sins (Rom. 8:31-39), yet while sin's power over us has ended, we remain at war with our flesh and evil in the world. Confession is a way of cleansing our conscience and preparing ourselves to hear the Gospel preached. Indeed, remembering our need for grace gives us ears to hear. We do not believe that corporate confession makes us any more acceptable to God or that we cannot worship if we have unconfessed sin. Rather, in confession we are training ourselves to recognize the areas of our lives that have not been conformed to the lordship of Jesus Christ and which we hold on to out of fear and pride.

Confession of Sin each week ends with a pronouncement of our Assurance of Grace. This is not any sort of absolution or dismissal of your sins. It is the assurance that the grace we need to be forgiven and the grace we need to overcome sin and temptation have been supplied already in the person and completed work of Jesus Christ. Without this assurance, confessing sin each week would cause frustration, self-loathing, cynicism, and even despair. However, because God assures us that grace is given, confessing sin reminds us that God is worthy of worship.