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Please Note: Due to COVID-19, all meetings have been suspended until May 11.


Thank you for considering visiting Christ Presbyterian Church. Visiting a new church can be an overwhelming, even stressful experience, so we've answered the following frequently asked questions to help make your visit as sensible and enjoyable as we can.

Where and when do you meet?

Worship starts at 1030a every Sunday.

Sunday School classes for all levels begin at 915a every Fall and Spring.
Adult Sunday School
Children's Sunday School

Christ Presbyterian Church meets weekly at 1200 W. 17th St. Georgetown, TX 78626. Map

How long is your service?

Our services are usually done before noon. Many of us stick around to chat, so please feel free to stick around and let us meet you.

I have kids. What do you have for them?

CPC believes that children are a gift from God, so we are committed to developing children's ministries that serve our children and nurture them in knowledge and affection for the gospel story. To that end, we offer the Nursery, Sunday School, and Children's Worship each Sunday

At CPC, we encourage families to worship together, so children are welcome to remain in the service at any age. We also believe that some children benefit from more age-appropriate content, so children age 3 to kindergarten are welcome to join a separate children's worship class that runs through the second half our service in another room. There will be a time in the service for you to usher your kids there.

If your kids don't fall in that range, we believe your kids will get a lot out of service nevertheless. Our services are meant to be accessible and relevant for everyone. While we speak to adults, we believe there is great value in children hearing what their parents are learning and vice versa.

More about Children's Ministry 

How big is CPC? What sorts of people come out?

Right now, CPC gathers somewhere around 100-140 people on any given Sunday. We're at a great size for everyone to feel welcome and incorporated quickly into the community. We're a pretty diverse group when it comes to stage of life. We mainly comprise young families with kids ranging from infant to teen, recent empty nesters, and those who are in the golden years of life. But really, the only way to know if you'd be comfortable here is to come and visit and see for yourself.

What should I wear?

The Lord looks at the inward man, so we'd encourage you to come as you are. In case you're worried about sticking out, though, most of our people come dressed in pretty casual clothing. Not a lot of tie-wearers. Most men wear polos and button-ups, and most ladies wear anything from jeans and pants to dresses and skirts.

What is your worship like?

On the spectrum of worship styles, most would peg CPC somewhere on the traditional range. Our service follows a liturgy, or an order of service. Some find this sort of worship intimidating, but we take special care to ensure our worship makes sense, flows well, and will lead you to think about Jesus, as it should. If you have more questions about our liturgy, click here

Worship FAQs

What kind of music should I expect?

At CPC, we sing everything from contemporary worship songs to traditional hymns. We probably lean more heavily on hymns and modern renditions of hymns, but all of our music will feel like a single style that's contemporary and current. We take care to make sure the music in the service is singable and enjoyable. We're also committed to being able to hear the congregation sing, so we intentionally limit the volume and size of our worship band to make sure that's the case.

Worship FAQs 

Is there anything "unusual" I should be ready for?

We think we've made a good effort in trying to make your experience in our service comfortable, but as with any social situation, some things that are normal to us may feel odd from the outside looking in. Here are a few things that happen that can sometimes feel awkward if you're unprepared.

We have a brief intermission in the middle of our service where we greet one another. This is one of those much feared awkward-social-interaction scenarios for some, we know. That's normal, and we're not trying to force ourselves upon you. We just believe it's great to notice that God called us to worship in community, and that's why we take a moment to acknowledge those around us. (If you're not sure what to do, simply say hello to a few people near you and maybe ask them how long they've been going to CPC--everyone has an answer for that!)

We pass around a welcome pad. After that time of greeting, a black welcome pad gets sent around for members and regular attenders to record their attendance and for visitors to note their presence and hopefully give us some useful contact information. Why the contact Information? We promise we're not sharing your information willy-nilly. We would like to send you our weekly e-mail, which contains content about things going on at CPC and a weekly thought from our pastor. 

We take communion every week. Communion is common among churches, but we just want you to know that we'll be coming to the Lord's Table every week, including the Sunday you choose to come. We know that there are those who like to know that is going to happen beforehand, so here's your heads-up! If you want to know why, click here.

After I visit, then what?

We treasure our visitors, and we do hope each of you will find a home with us and decide to join our community. Immediately after service, please stop by the back table for a welcome bag. Someone might stop by, with your permission, to drop off a small welcome gift from us. After your visit, provided we have your information, you'll probably receive our weekly e-mail. If you visit a few times, you might get a call from our pastor, Whit. After a number of visits, we might contact you about joining as a member the next time a class is held.

We'd also encourage you to come back to this website and look through it again. Often, people will think of questions they want answered after they leave for home, so please come back to and see what we have to say. If we don't answer your question here, please feel more than welcome to send an e-mail to anyone whose e-mail is listed on our website or in the worship bulletin.

We'd love for you to get more involved, and there are a number of ways to do that. Above all the other things, though, we'd really love for you to get involved in a community group so that you can get to know some folks here on a deeper level. Here's how to get started.