Adult Sunday school 

• Biblical Financial Concepts

God’s financial principles are about much more than eliminating debt and living on a budget. He knows that we will only experience true purpose and freedom when we understand that we are simply stewards of everything he’s entrusted to us. This class is designed to present managing your money from a Biblical perspective. The class will use the Bible as our primary resource supplemented with material from Larry Burkett and Randy Alcorn’s book, Money Possessions and Eternity. Led by Gary and Jan Britigan.

• Leadership and Faith in the Home and Church (12 weeks) 

God calls all of his people to exert leadership and influence within our circles of existence. This class will look at God’s call to rule and dominion, and the required basis of faith, in both the circles of the home and the church. The discussion will focus on informal leadership influences of everyone (not just elected male leadership) and be led by Lane Joffrion.

• Christian Worldview (6 weeks)

For the final six weeks of the spring, the class will cover the basic concepts of Christian worldview or how to think of the world around us as Christians and through the lens of Holy Scripture. Led by Daniel McDowell.