All Sunday school classes resume next Sunday, January 14, 9:15 AM. Adults – This winter/spring semester, our one adult class will be located in the sanctuary and have two 8-week sections.  Everyone is encouraged to participate! Regular, frequent, and repeated exposure to God’s word is crucial for growing up into maturity in Christ, and the exposure and discussion that takes place in adult Sunday School partly facilitates this growth into maturity.

• Ecclesiastes – Vanity of vanities! Striving after the wind! One big question prompted by the message in Ecclesiastes is ‘What are we, and what should we be, aiming at in life?‘ Led by Lane Joffrion, this class section will discuss Ecclesiastes and the writer’s answer to this question. The class will also discuss one faithful approach to understanding Ecclesiastes’ wisdom, and the major themes of wisdom in this wonderful counsel of God to us today. January 14 – March 3.

• Spiritual Disciplines of Growing, Godly Christians – Do you ever feel like Lucille Ball standing at the conveyor belt in the chocolate factory? Like life is happening WAY too fast! The goal of all spiritual discipline is to shift our focus from ourselves to God. Oh, to know and follow the admonition of Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.” If your expressway life has you frazzled (and even if not), explore the Spiritual Disciplines with us in the second 8-week section of adult Sunday School later in the spring. Larry Lorimor will be leading this discussion, not as an expert he says, but as a fellow student. March 17 – May 12.