Sunday School

Preschool – This semester our CPC kids will be learning from the “Show Me Jesus” Curriculum and from the unit “Jesus is God.” They will discover that Jesus’ many miracles were signs that point to Him as God the Son, our Savior. They will find out about his power, learn about his glory, and be taught about his authority.

Elementary – Following our fall study of learning about “Grace in the Law,” this semester our kids will be introduced to “God’s Design for Worship,” (from the “Show Me Jesus” Curriculum) a hands-on, topical study of tabernacle worship in Exodus and Leviticus and how it was fulfilled in the coming of the promised Savior.

Youth – When we start talking about the big story of the Bible, there’s no better place to start than at the beginning! The book of Genesis introduces us to several of the main characters, events, and themes of the story that God will unfold throughout the rest of the Bible. The song of God’s redemption plays its first notes in Genesis, and we’ll learn to hear its melody as we study together.