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Whit Anderson | Senior Pastor 

Whit is the church planter and senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church. He is a native Texan, having grown up in San Antonio, and a graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, where he came to know Christ. Whit met his wife Heather while serving on staff at Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of North Texas in Denton. In 2000, Whit graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL, before moving to Austin, where he was an Associate Pastor at CrossPointe Church (PCA). Heather is a speech pathologist working at Round Rock Medical Center. Whit and Heather have two children, Abbey and Nicholas.

Whit planted CPC in 2008 and has been its senior pastor from the beginning. To learn more, read our story.

kim_family_077Woonny Kim | Assistant Pastor 

Woonny (rhymes with "loony" and the "W" is silent) grew up in Houston and graduated from UT Austin before graduating from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, where he met his wife Hanna. Woonny has been leading the music ministry and serving in various other capacities at CPC since 2013. He and Hanna have three boys, Owen, Milo, and Levi. Woonny directs worship arts and communication at CPC and provides guidance and support for those who teach at CPC.

Adrienne Herron | Office Administrator

Sonya Dewitt | Financial Administrator

Jessie Kirkpatrick | Communications Specialist

Brooke Lewis | Lead Musician

Jan Windsor | CPC Kids Director

Brandon Flynn| CPC Youth Director

Ginny Thomas | Prayer Ministry

Shawn Horrall | Missions Committee

James Schell | Men's Ministry

Brooke Waldrep | Women's Ministry


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Whit Anderson | Teaching Elder
Justin D | Ruling Elder
Shawn Horrall | Ruling Elder
Larry Lorimor | Ruling Elder
John Steele | Ruling Elder
Gary Britigan | Ruling Elder
Bob Turner | Ruling Elder


(What do deacons do?)

Rhonney Greene
Bryan Herron
Van Henry
Ethan Hoke
Evan Kirkpatrick
Brandon Krett
Kevin Tanner
Stephen Winterroth

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