OUR VISION | CPC exists to invite every person in Georgetown and every place we serve into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

OUR DREAMS | How can Georgetown be different in ten years?

We want to be a people who are in relationship with Jesus Christ:

TEACHABLE. A people eager to worship, learn and grow in the Lord. A people hungry to spend time with the Lord-in his word.
TRUSTWORTHY. A people who live consistently under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
THOUGHTFUL. A people who are developing a distinctly Christian worldview to see all of life through a Christ-centered lens.
FAITHFUL. A people aware of their spiritual gifts and ready to use them to serve God and others.
COMPASSIONATE. A people full of grace with a growing sense of compassion for the lost, the least, and the afflicted.
DEPENDENT. A people in continual prayer who intercede with increasingly "kingdom-centered" prayers
PROGRESSING. A people working through sin and all its effects, not perfect, but making progress.
AUTHENTIC. A people who have relationships characterized by genuine honesty, persistent peace, and steadfast love.


FAMILIES with healthy relationships built on strong marriages.
CHILDREN who are loved, protected, educated, and raised to be good citizens.
STAY-AT-HOME MOMS who are energized and full of purpose.
SINGLE PARENTS who find support and relief, community and care.
WORKING PARENTS who work with purpose, who have stability, rest, and balance.
RETIREES who find security and purpose in the Lord
BUSINESSES characterized by compassion, integrity, and excellence.
HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS who provide quality care—the best care anyone can find—and nurse our community to healthy living.
TEACHERS who are inspired and inspiring.
STUDENTS—children, teens, and college students—who are prepared with understanding, purpose, and creativity to serve the world.
A CITY GOVERNMENT that is tuned-in and effective—that works!
THE LEAST among us find care and help. THE LOST are found.

OUR STRATEGY | How will we accomplish our vision?

1 | We will be a HOME that seeks to meet the needs of our people through:

A GOSPEL-CENTERED FOCUS | We will proclaim the gospel to the lost and the found.
WORSHIP | We will craft worship services that are Christ-centered and engaging.
FELLOWSHIP | We will work hard to develop biblical community.
TEACHING | We will disciple and equip followers of Christ of all ages to maturity.

2 | We are a MISSION that seeks to bring gospel transformation to every person in Georgetown and all places we serve. How?

PRAYER | Kingdom-centered dependence on God.
DISCIPLESHIP | Making disciples who make disciples.
OUTREACH & MERCY | Evangelizing and serving the community
PARTNERSHIPS | Working alongside like-minded churches and organizations.
MISSIONS | Developing church-planting partnerships around the world.