What is your style of worship?

At Christ Presbyterian Church, we want our worship style to reflect both our rich Christian heritage and the modern church culture. Our worship service will draw upon the ancient creeds, confessions, and hymns, while also utilizing some of the work of today's Christian artists and musicians. By incorporating both the church’s past and present, we hope to preserve our heritage while remaining relevant as we carry God’s truth into the future.

We want to minister to the culture where God has placed us. We are called to communicate the gospel in our current time and geographical location. So while not all modern styles of music are conducive to or helpful for worship, we are open to the ones that are.

We are also committed to corporate worship that is fully participatory. This means that we choose to limit the volume and size of our worship band because we want you to be able to hear yourselves and one another singing. We also try to choose songs that are easy to learn and sing. We believe that our style of music is both culturally accessible and practically approachable.


What does it mean to have a liturgy?

Our church uses a consistent weekly liturgy. In the context of the church, "liturgy" refers to the structure of the worship service. Every church has a liturgy, and some are more structured than others. The Bible indicates that there should be some order and intelligibility to the way that we worship (Ex. 25-31, 1 Cor. 14:6-19, 40), but it does not prescribe a specific liturgy for us to use. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each congregation to attempt to order their service in a way that will both edify its members and glorify God. Read more for an explanation of the different parts of our liturgy.