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CPC believes that children are a gift from God, so we are committed to developing children's ministries that serve our children and nurture them in knowledge and affection for the gospel story. To that end, we offer the Nursery, Sunday School, and Children's Worship each Sunday.

Sunday School | Children's Sunday School at Christ Presbyterian Church uses the Show Me Jesus curriculum from Great Commission Publications--doctrinally sound, spiritually nourishing and interactive curriculum that increases a child's knowledge of the Bible and prepares him or her for the real world.

Children's Worship | At CPC, we encourage families to worship together, so children are welcome to remain in the service at any age. We also believe that for some, children benefit from more age-appropriate content, so children age 3 to 5 are welcome to join a separate children's worship class that runs through the second half our service.

Nursery | At Christ Presbyterian Church, we believe that laying the foundation for a Christ-centered life is a vital part of our ministry, beginning even at a child's infancy. We seek to provide an environment of love, safety, and spiritual nurture for each child so that their experience of church is joyful and positive, and so that they can begin to understand that God cares for them.

The nursery is available during Sunday School and Worship Service for children from birth to 2 years. In the nursery, children will learn about God as we share his love through songs and stories. During play time we will promote sharing, cooperation and encouragement. Snacks are provided for older children, and gluten-free snacks are available upon request for those with allergies. Prepared bottles of milk or formula can be administered by nursery workers as directed.

CPC Nursery Policies and Procedures