VALUES | What are our key commitments?


We are committed to the threefold priority of gathered worship, God’s Word, and the Sacraments. Worship is a dialogue between God and his people. God speaks to us through his Word, and we respond in things like praise, confession, and adoration. Sunday worship at Christ Presbyterian Church has a threefold commitment: to be grace-motivated, corporate, and thoughtful in all that we do.

Our heart's affections are poured out in response to the magnitude of God's grace in Christ. We can't help but sing and make music to Him as we grow in our understanding of this reality.

God calls His people to gather together to worship him. Our worship service is structured to engage us as a community of believers to participate in the dialogue of worship.

We think about everything we plan and do in worship with depth and care.


We make a priority of developing an authentic spiritual community characterized by the unity of the Spirit, by grace, and by truth; and then extending it to every person.


We make a priority of spiritual formation for people of all ages in every stage of life.

We share, care, and pray in smaller, more intimate groups.

We provide in-depth teaching, train for ministry, form accountability, build a missional mindset, pray kingdom-centered prayers, and train our people for ministry.

MINISTRY TO CHILDREN AND YOUTH | We offer age-appropriate worship and teaching for children & students.


We make a priority of discovering and using spiritual gifts to serve God and others.